In how long will I receive the EIN number for my company?

You will recive the EIN number with your company registration in 3 to 5 business days.

If I register a company in the United States, you can to the monthly accounting of the company?

Yes. One of our main services is to bring the monthly accounts of all companies that we register.

Can I register the company with only one owner?

Yes. You can register a company with only one owner.

Can I register a company in the United States if I only have a B1/B2 tourist visa?

Yes. You can register a company in the United States with a B1/B2 visa.

If I register a company in the United States called Corp or INC I just have to make a tax return for the company?

Yes. If you register either a Corp or INC you should make a tax return, since the profit and loss isnt transfered over to the owner.

If I register a company in the United States called LLC, I must make a tax return for the company and another as an individual?

If you register a LLC company, you must have a statement for the companies taxes and tax returns.


The EIN is necessary for:

• Hiring employees.
• Opening a business bank account.
• Changing the kind of the organization.
• Establishing a pension plan as the plan administrator.
• To comply with IRS withholding rules.
• When asked for withholding taxes on unearned income payment of wages and paid to a foreign (eg, individual, orporación, partnership, etc.)

I was told that to register a company in the United States I should have a business address, how so?

Yes. You can use the address of our offices in Miami, Florida for the registration of your company here in the United States. Since we are Registrars of the State of Florida, we can offer this service to all our customers.

What are the fees of Martorell's Office Group Corp for services?

To request fees:

What are the taxes that we should pay for the Company?

The company does not pay monthly taxes, only declare and pay state and federal taxes at the end of each year, year-end to December 31 and pay only for the profit remaining at the end of each fiscal year. You pay the federal approximately from 15% to 34% depending on the gain and the State of Florida approximately 5.6% fixed non-variable and in the State of Florida only pay taxes from the first $ 25,000 profit, after deducting all expenses of the company. In many cases companies give early loss and do not pay taxes and other cases are profitable and have to pay tax, it all depends on the gains that this is at the end of the fiscal year. No matter what the case, you still need to prepare the statements of Federal and State Tax every year. One thing is filing taxes and other file and pay taxes. Declare taxes always have to be done because it is the only way to let know the IRS (tax agency of the United States) the movements of the Company during the fiscal year. Ask for the federal tax table emailing to

Are the correspondence management of the company included in your services?

Only you are in charge of handling and fowarding all correspondence that has to do with your company, correspondence with tax, banking and commercial information. We can also handle the personal correspondence of all owners of the company.

Virtual Office, do you offer this service for my company?

Yes. You can enjoy our virtual office service which allows you to start operations here in the United States without having to rent offices or warehouses for your business.

How does the Virtual Office work in the United States?

How does the Virtual Office work in the United States?

Virtual Office in the United States, more than 20 years ago we offer this of service virtual office with which you can operate your business from the comfort of your country without having to rent or lease an office to start operating your business. If you decide to register your company here in the United States, but you do not have a business address, in Martorell Office Group Corp we offer the service of virtual office and mail forwarding. That is, you can use our address in Miami, Florida as your business address, also for your website and pop material of your company and if you request we send all correspondence to your address in your country via DHL . We protect your privacy and will forward your mail confidential. Please note that our mail forwarding service also includes the Registered Agent Service. Registered Agent service is to also receive and respond documents and correspondence from state or federal tax government, or to receive and respond legal documents of your company. Services of virtual office mail forwarding are used for receiving and sending correspondence that have to do with your business and / or personal, such as small packages and letters.

The Virtual Office in the United States includes the following:

- Tax Address: Your company can use our address as tax address here in the United States

- Business Address: Your company can use our address as a business address here in the United States, very useful for American banks./p>

- Business phone number of the United States, attended by our receptionist.

- Number of commercial fax of the United States.

- Management and receipt of all correspondence of the company and owners of the company.

- Registered Agent of the Company.

Can I have a local phone number in the United States and answer it here in my country outside of the United States?

Yes. It is an extra service with which we assign a local phone from the United States and you can take calls at home, without having to go through our headquarters in Miami.

How can I contact Martorell Office Group Corp?

Telephone in Miami: 786-586-7927
WhatsApp: 0017865867927
You can also email us to:
Visit our link to see all the e-mails and telephones of the company: