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Office Park, do you offer that service for my company?

Yes. You can enjoy of our service of office park, which will allow you to start operations here in the United States without the need of having to rent offices or storehouses for your business.

How does the office park service work in the United States?

The Office Park service in the United States offers for over more than 20 years this service of office park with which you will be able to operate your company in a comfortable way in your country without the need of having to rent an office to start operating your company. If you decide to register your company here in the United States, but you do not have a commercial physical address, we Martorell's Office Group Corp, offer the service of office park and mail forwarding.

It means that you can use our address in Miami, Florida as the address of your office, as well as for your website and the pop material of your company. And if you request it, we send you all the correspondence to the address of your country through DHL. We protect your privacy and resend your mail in confidentiality. Take into notice that our service of mail forwarding also includes the Service of Registered Agents. The service of Registered Agent is also to receiving and answering documents and correspondence of your company. The virtual office service and mail forwarding are used for the receiving and sending correspondence that has to do with your business and/or personal, such as small packages and letters.

The office park service in the United States includes the following:

-Fiscal address: Your company can use our address as your address here in the United States
-Business Address: Your company can use our address as a business address here in the United States, very useful for American banks.
-Business phone number of the United States, attended by our receptionist.
-Number of commercial fax of the United States.
-Management and receipt of all correspondence of the company and owners of the company.
-Company Registrar.

Do you have any question?

It is a pleasure for us to help you,
if you have any doubts, please write to us.

Can I have a local phone number in the United States and answer it here in my country outside of the United States?

Yes. It is an extra service which we assign you with a local telephone in the United States, and you will be able to answer the calls in your country without the need of passing by our main offices in Miami.

¿Is the handling of company mail included in your services?

Yes, handling of all correspondence related with the company, also correspondence related with the fiscal, bank and commercial information is included in the office park service and only you as owner are authorized to pick or forward this mail. We can also handle the personal correspondence of alt the company's owners.

How can I contact Martorell Office Group Corp?

Telephone in Miami: 0017865867927
Whats App: +1 786-586-7927
You can also email us to:
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