We are not a law firm


The notary is, in generally speaking, an official whose intervention gives public law to private documents, authorizing them to this end with his signature.

It is a Commissioner of Oaths which guarantees the validity of the documents involved, and whose acts are invested with the presumption of truth, typical of public servants, being enabled by the laws and regulations to give public faith of contracts and extrajudicial, originated under private law, civil and commercial nature as well as to inform and advise citizens on public records on facts, and especially testamentary matters and inheritance law. They also have task custody of documents called protocols notice. The notary is required by law and professional ethics, to maintain neutrality in their acts, which distinguishes the applicants' lawyers who should take part and be on the side of its customers or represented. In Martorell´s Office, all employees must be Public Notaries to be able to work in our offices for our firm.

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