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We have the support of the best Regional and National Banks to your service; as well as we advise you on the opening of personal and business bank accounts.

Opening of bank account in the United States

Martorell's Office Group Corp does not open bank accounts in the United States, only refer you to our customers banks

Since 1995 Martorell Office Group Corp works exclusively and directly with the best and main banks in the United States.

We provide our team with an excellent reputation, solvents and complete, and specialized in legal, fiscal and federal issues in the United States.

Our knowledge of banking, financial and tax bases of the United States systems allow us to offer proposals suited to your needs, while respecting federal prosecutors and legal frameworks of the United States. We ensure and guarantee the confidentiality of companies in our more than 500 customers around the world.

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Below you will see the following links of the 6 major banks in the order that we recommend:


Wells Fargo


TD Bank

Regions Bank

Bank of America

Ranking, history, data and locations in the United States based on the data of the Federal Reserve of the United States of America.

Ranking the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America